How does Hole in One Coverage Work?

Hosting a golf tournament lies in your hands. You want to add excitement to your event by giving away a large prize to a golfer that makes a hole in one, but don’t want to assume the risk of having to cover the cost? We understand! Our Hole In One Coverage Policy covers the cost of your selected prize and American Hole ‘n One assumes full responsibility should someone make a qualifying hole in one.

Golf Event Management’s partner, American Hole ‘n One, can provide coverage for Hole in One contests, Putting Contests, Million Dollar Shot & Shootouts, and more! This way, you can create buzz and excitement surrounding your golf tournament, without assuming any risk. With hole in one contest coverage, it’s the perfect cost-effective way to attract golfers, sponsors, and attendees in order to make your next golf tournament a success.

Getting hole in one coverage is easy with the help from our Golf Excitement Specialists. Follow these simple steps to acquire coverage:

Get in touch with one of our Golf Excitement Specialists and provide us with the number of golfers that will participate in your tournament. We can insure large and small tournaments. Your pricing for hole in one contest coverage will be customize to your event’s needs and depend on the number of golfers playing in your tournament.

In order to determine your hole in one contest coverage quote, we take into consideration the yardage for the main prize hole. Our Golf Excitement Specialists will use the yardage for the main prize hole to generate the odds of making a hole in one. This will play a role in your customized hole in one coverage quote.

We’ve helped tournament organizers come up with a number of exciting prize packages, like trips for two, exotic vacations, golf equipment, cash prizes, cars and more, to help generate excitement surrounding the hole in one contest. We can insure just about anything, so it’s customized to your unique needs. Your hole in one contest coverage quote will be based upon the cash value of the prize you want to advertise.

Once you’ve settled on your custom hole in one coverage quote, American Hole ‘n One will send you a contract to sign. After payment and the signed contract have been received, you will have hole in one event coverage that protects you in the event someone should make a hole in one.

Along with hole in one coverage, American Hole ‘n One also provides high-quality golf event signage, so we’re your one stop shop for everything you need to make your next golf tournament a success! Choose from a variety of banners, magnets, clings, or custom pieces to set your event apart from others. Our golf event signage experts will help you design over-sized checks, sponsor boards, and more with our custom golf tournament signage.

Why Choose Us for you Hole In One Coverage Policy?

Our Partner, American Hole ‘n One is the world’s largest provider of hole in one coverage and prize coverage for golf events. We are underwritten by A+ rated Great American Insurance and will provide you with the support you need to make your next golf tournament a success. As your one stop shop for all of your hole in one contest needs, we’re proud to offer friendly service, comprehensive hole in one coverage, and high-quality event signage, which will generate excitement for golfers, event attendees, and sponsors alike.

Our hole in one coverage, and all of the service that come with it, will give you the assurance that your event is a complete success.

Contact American Hole ‘n One for Hole In One Coverage

Our team is ready to assist you with a fast and easy quote with flexible terms. Let us help your come up with an exciting prize option that fits your budget. Get in touch with us today to learn more about our hole in one coverage capabilities.

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Our team of professionally trained Golf Excitement Specialists will walk you through the most comprehensive Hole In One Coverage program in just minutes. As well as walk you through your Golf Signage needs. Simply give us a call or request a quote online.